Terry Drying Towel

Heavy Weight, 4.25lbs, 16" x 27", Blue


PRE-LAUNDERED Terry Drying Towel

Low Lint, More Absorbent, Ready-To-Use. No need to break in.

Heavy Weight, 4.25lb, 16" x 27", Blue

Item FSTTLaun

Medium Weight Terry Drying Towel

16" x 27", 3lb Terry Towel, Multiple Colors Available

12 dozen per case



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Terry Towel Vend Pack

15" x 18" Towel, Packaged for Vending or Retail

Item TT

Terry Towel Towel

15" x 18", Not Packaged

Item T

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25lb Box of Terry Towels

New, 1st Quality, 25lbs per Box

Item T25

Terry Towel Rags

Seconds quality, 25lbs per box, unfolded

Item Terry Rags

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