The perfect way to stock your glass front vending machine! Quick Dry Product Starter Kit Includes a sampling of every Quick Dry Vending Product plus Armor All. Over 25 Products included. Brings back $1,200 in retail sales!

Quick Dry Vending Starter Kit


100 16x16 Microfiber Vend Packs (25 of each color)

25 Mega 12"x21" Microfiber Wipes

20 Waffle Weave Microfiber Vend Packs

50 Terry Towel Vend Packs

100 Microfiber Cleaning Wands

50 Blue Cloth Towel Vend Packs

100 Glass Cleaner Towelettes

100 Interior Cleaner Towelettes

25 Cleanz All Interior Cleaner w/ half towel

50 2oz Glass Cleaner w/ half towel

8 4oz Tire Shine

8 4oz Wheel Cleaner

8 4oz Glass Cleaner

36 Large Blue Paper Towels

36 Large White Paper Towels

12 Rectangular Microfiber Applicator Pads

20 Armor All Original Cleaning Sponges

12 Spritz It! Air Fresheners (2 of each scent)

90 Quick Dry Hang Up Fresheners (18 of each scent)